OMNISense - LoRa based comnunication solutions

What is LoRa (Long Range)?

LoRa is a new energy-efficient long-range wire- less technology that has been developed to utilize low data rate communications over long distances by sensors and other battery-powered devices. Connecting millions of devices (M2M) to local, regional, national and international networks.


Contrary to Wi-Fi and 4/4.5G wireless networks, LoRa is able to send secure data to longer range with less power. Data transmission range varies from 3-5km (urban) to 15km (rural). Bi-directional transmission allows both sensor reading and remote control of devices at the same time.


Smart city applications, agricultural and irrigation tracking/control, long range remote controlling, smart homes, sensor network management.


General Specifications

  • Sensors
    • Temperature, Humidity
    • Motion
    • Barometric pressure
    • Object move
    • Gyro/acceleration
  • Casing for environmental conditions
  • Star and mesh type networks
  • Data capacity (0.3 kbps - 22kbps)
  • Battery Life (AA ~5 years)
  • Distances up to 15 km
  • 433/868 MHz (Europe), 915 MHz (N. America)
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