OmniDrive is a low-cost integrated driving simulation system providing real world look and feel as much as possible. OmniDrive is especially suitable for training purposes. Provides both free drive and misson based drive where driver is expected to complete mission with less penalty score.

OmniDrive is highly durable and configurable system with solid full aluminum cage, customizable and adjustable seats, height and angle adjustment for monitors, surround sound system.

Simulation system provides realistic physics engines and artifially intelligent traffic. Traffic density and aggression is configurable. Traffic violations are collected stored in drivers profile for further inspection.

OmniDrive has very high quality graphics and scenery where many real world driving areas simulated like detailed courtyards, multi-level car parks, highways and narrow roads and autodromes for extreme driving simulation.

Simulator Features

OmniDrive driving simulation features

  • Weather conditions including rain, fog, snow,
  • Extreme road conditions,
  • US and European traffic rules,
  • Right and left-handed driving modes,
  • Pedestrians crossing the road,
  • Traffic rules and vialotions
  • Broken traffic lights,
  • Record and playback,
  • 2 virtual cities,
  • 11 car options,
  • Missions with difficulty levels,
  • Automatic and manual transmission, crossing the road, P
  • Accidents and damages,
  • Realistic sound effects,
  • Student to defensive driving,
  • multi language support,

and more...

Other Features

OmniDrive common features are:

  • Configurable Cockpit
    • Length 68.5” (174 cm)
    • Width 33” (84 cm)
    • Height (with seat) 47.2” (120 cm)
  • 3 displays
  • Sound system, 5 speakers
  • Driving wheel and pedals
  • Simulation computer
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