OmniAttend is a modern attendance tracking system based on mobile technologies. Students as well as instructors with the use of their smart phones (Android/iOS/Windows) perform their attendance automatically by OmniAttend Mobile and attendance information is collected by OmniAttend Reader. OmniAttend Reader is a versatile equipment capable of collecting attendance by means of Bluetooth and forward attendance information to OmniAttend Server or OmniAttend Cloud.

OmniAttend Server and OmniAttend Cloud maintains and reports attendance information with simplified dashboard and user interface. Also provides interfaces for management of student/class data and authorization of users.

OmniAttend Reader

OmniAttend Reader is low-power bluetooth connectivity peripheral that collects attendance information via smarthpones. Attendance collection is configurable using OmniAttend Dashboard interface.

OmniAttend Mobile

OmniAttend Mobile application communicates with readers that are instaled in the classroom using bluetooth technology and and after verification process, attendance info is send to server or cloud.

OmniAttend Server/Cloud

OmniAttend Server/Cloud provides management and storage functions for attendance tracking. According to customer needs system may be deployed to custom servers or on cloud computing. Provides reporting and register functions through OmniAttend Dashboard interface.

General Features

OmniAttend common features are:

  • Simple installation to existing network
  • Remote management of Readers
  • Configurable attendance collection (session or hourly)
  • Configurable session initiation (time based or instructor based)
  • Offline/Online operations
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