Big Data

Big data is different from simply capturing data in traditional large databases, not only in the tools needed (often non-relational databases) but also in the hardware, and importantly, the analytical capabilities to transform this data into valuable insights. The power of this parallel-processing approach means that analytics can be employed operationally in real time for personalization, segmentation, pricing optimization, real-time interactions with clients, and as well as for business intelligence for planning, prediction, and trend analysis.

Sigun has capabilities for producing solutions including;

Data Storage
When dealing with big data, important decision is how to store such massive quantity of data. Data storage should offer an infrastructure on which to run all related analytics tools as well as a place to store and query data. Sigun has been specialized using Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, MongoDB, Cassandra and proven industry solutions.
Data Cleaning
Before data mining, data needs to be cleaned up. Even though it’s always good practice to create a clean, well-structured data set, sometimes it’s not always possible. Data sets can come in all shapes and sizes especially when you’re getting it from the web.
Data Mining
Data mining is the process of discovering insights within a database as opposed to extracting data from any sources including web pages, social media etc. into databases. The aim of data mining is to make predictions and decisions on the data you have at hand.
Data Analysis
While data mining is all about sifting through your data in search of previously unrecognized patterns, data analysis is about breaking that data down and assessing the impact of those patterns overtime. Analytics is about asking specific questions and finding the answers in data. Helps us to ask questions like “what will happen in the future!”. Sigun utilizes custom made engines as well as proven solutions like BigML for performing analysis like trending.
Data Visualization
Data visualization is when data comes to life which is an important aspect conveying the insights from that data to the rest of the world including our customers. Visualizations are a bright and easy way to convey complex data insights. Sigun specializes in using tools like D3, Tableau.
Data Languages
Sigun also gathers experience in using data languages and tools for analysis of big data and integration of such environments with big data systems. Sigun is well experienced in using R, RegEx and Python.
Data Collection
Before data storage, analysis or visualization data actually is required to be collected. Data extraction is all about taking something that is unstructured, like a webpage, twitter messages, or facebook posts and turning it into a structured table. Once structured, it can be manipulated in all sorts of ways. Sigun has been especially working on social media sources for wide range of analysis.
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