Human Resource Policies

In order to ensure the continuity of the company's success, human resources, constant review of the systems and processes to be configured according to the needs, monitoring high-potential employees performance , and Sigun Inc. today and be evaluated according to future needs is a priority of Human Resources.

In this context, human resources policy goals;

  • Create a strong corporate culture,
  • Keep the motivation of our employees and their commitment to the forefront of the corporate culture,
  • Commitment to empowering approaches to continuously improve,
  • Care about training and development of our employees themselves,
  • Organize the resources for the best impact,
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress of resources,
  • Create equality of opportunity among our employees,
  • Follow transparent and trust-oriented operating principles,
  • Provide maximum efficiency by talent-oriented career planning


  • Provide open communication,
  • Strive for transparency and reliability,
  • Care about the work team
  • Care about moral and environmental values
  • Sensitive to cultural diversity
  • We adopt the proactive management
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